Why Fund Biotech Research and Development?

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  2. March 24, 2014 3:23 am

Why Fund Biotech Research and Development?

Biotechnology holds enormous promise for the future of our species. It is hard to argue that there is any area of modern science with more potential to change how we humans live for the better, excepting possibly computers. And computer technology is beginning to merge with biotechnology, in any case!

Biotechnology has and will continue to provide the answers to the most pressing concerns in medicine: fighting disease and leading a healthy lifestyle. It is biotech companies that are leading the way in development of cures for cancer, AIDS, COPD and dangerous microbial threats like SARS, flu and Ebola. Biotechnology is also at the forefront of the struggle to understand, prevent and treat genetic diseases.

In our efforts to pin down what healthy living consists in, it is biotechnology that has repeatedly supplied the most meaningful and useful data about eating well, the effects of exercise, how psychology interacts with (and is largely dependent on) physiology as well as what environmental and dietary causes are responsible for many ailments.

Biotechnology’s usefulness extends beyond health and medicine, however. Biotech companies have also found innovative and economically sound ways to combat environmental threats. Biotechnology has harnessed the enormous powers of bacteria and other microbes to clean up oil spills, detoxify food and water supplies, and control bio-hazardous waste.

Biotechnology also has been the source of many important industrial catalysts, useful enzymes for production settings, and the field is poised to transform computing with DNA data storage and direct neural interfacing with computers, a technology that will transform the lives of millions of handicapped people who will use computers to see, to hear and to control their living spaces.

Why invest in and fund biotech research and development? Because biotechnology has proven itself to be the key to a better future.

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