Why Biotechnology Research Parks on University Campuses are Vital

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  2. March 24, 2014 3:21 am

Why Biotechnology Research Parks on University Campuses are Vital

Biotechnology is a sector that is growing with strategic alliances in universities and businesses in the public sector. The importance of biotechnology research parks on university campuses is that university campuses offer a source of scientific knowledge and talent for the biotechnology sector to pull from. University campuses also offer potentially important breakthroughs with student research, intellectual property, and access to a large pool of patients for clinical trials.

Source of Scientific Knowledge and Talent

By placing a biotechnology research park on a university campus, you are able to tap the scientific knowledge and talent of those students studying in the biology and chemistry fields. The biotechnology research park often works in conjunction with the university campus to offer internships and undergraduate research opportunities. These are avenues gain valuable experience for the student and utilize the knowledge and talent towards research that needs to be completed or furthered. Many university researchers may also work in the research at the biotechnology park with advanced techniques and instrumentation that would not otherwise be available without that partnership. The biotechnology research park often is sponsored by several well-known biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the nation in the hopes that the research park may also do research on their product.

Access to a Large Pool of Patients for Clinical Trials

This is another way that a partnership between a biotechnology research park and a university might be valuable. Many larger universities that have partnerships with biotechnology research parks also have a partnership with a teaching hospital for future doctors and surgeons. The patient population in that hospital offers the biotechnology research park a large pool of potential candidates for clinical trials. This means that any drug discovery that may come from research at the park could potentially be funnelled through a clinical trial associated with them as well.

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