Expanding Careers in Biotechnology Provide Rising Job Opportunities

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  2. March 24, 2014 3:22 am

Expanding Careers in Biotechnology Provide Rising Job Opportunities

Biotech careers are growing in demand exponentially as the human population increases. As a result, there are numerous disciplines and employers from which to choose.

Pharmaceutical companies need qualified laboratory technicians who can handle materials and assist in the manufacturing process. They especially require clinical research partners who can develop new drugs to fight terminal diseases like cancer. They need scientists who can create innovative vaccines and antibiotics to face emerging diseases like swine flu and drug resistant bacteria.

Manufacturers of adaptive medical equipment, like pacemakers and prosthetics, need individuals who can create new ways to improve the quality of life of the injured and the aging. They need inventors with a thorough knowledge of mechanical and biological concepts, so that assistive devices integrate well with the human body.

Medical diagnostic laboratories need technicians to analyze body tissues and fluids to help doctors understand the nature of their patients’ diseases. These technologists discover critical findings when it comes to patient counseling and treatment and sometimes even affect the patients’ ultimate survival.

Government organizations need biotechnology specialists to help them ensure public safety. Health offices need people to oversee food service companies, medical clinics and other organizations with significant impact on public health. Law enforcement and defense agencies need forensic biology experts for DNA analysis and other investigative tasks.

Agricultural companies need researchers, greenhouse workers and field technicians to improve the quality and yield of the food supply. They require scientists who can develop ways to control insects and other pests while keeping the environment healthy. They need bioengineers who can develop healthier livestock that will meet rising food demands.

These are just a few of the abundant employment opportunities for biotech graduates. Each career has an important impact on humanity’s well-being in the modern world.

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