Advances in Biotechnology Research Can Help Find a Cure for Cancer

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  2. March 24, 2014 3:21 am

Advances in Biotechnology Research Can Help Find a Cure for Cancer

Biotechnology plays an essential role in the search for a cure for cancer. Progress in this field of science has already provided major contributions to the advancement of medicine. Cancer vaccines, effective and even more affordable medications, and other promising tools to treat advanced tumors, or even prevent cancer in the first place, are already under development in many parts of the world.

The search for a cure for cancer is already an overwhelming task, as there are as many types and degrees of cancer as there are different approaches to treatment. Research in biotechnology offers a versatility that is needed by medical researchers to learn more about cancer cells and how to combat them within the human body.

As modern scientists examine the cellular and molecular processes present in cancer cells, they can effectively develop technologies that facilitate accurate detection, including nanomedical diagnosis and treatment. As a result of biotechnology health care research, there are already hundreds of health care products that are currently available for previously difficult to treat diseases.

Genetic testing has shown cancers to be passed down through genes, and thus allows doctors to screen for the trait at an early age and begin pre-emptive therapy if necessary. For example, the gene for colon cancer can now be identified in individuals’ DNA, and those who are at high-risk to develop these tumors can start regularly screening well before the standard suggested age.

Chemotherapy, which owes its origins to biotechnological research, is a chemical and biological treatment that has shown to affect cancer cell growth. This, among other anti-tumor drugs, has drastically changed prognoses for the better. Biotechnology can also potentially show, through examining genes, whether or not an individual will respond well to a certain drug. Cancer research will only continue to prove biotechnology as indispensable.

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